Go Team Go

LP mono RCA LPM2924
LP stereo RCA LSP2924

A1 Fight On 1:04
A2 Victory March 1:26
A3 On Wisconsin 1:12
A4 Washington And Lee Swing 1:08
A5 The Eyes Of Texas 1:50
A6 On Brave Old Army Team 1:26
A7 Yea, Alabama 1:32
A8 University Of Minnesota Rouser 1:26
A9 Across The Field 1:26
A10 Mighty Oregon 1:15
B1 Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech 1:25
B2 The Aggie War Hymn 1:26
B3 Anchors Aweigh 1:48
B4 Roar, Lion Roar 1:47
B5 Stein Song 1:28
B6 Fight On, Pennsylvania 1:47
B7 The Cardinal Is Waving 1:39
B8 As The Backs Go Tearing By 1:43
B9 Roll On, Tulane 1:36
B10 The Victors 1:34