RCA Long Play albums 1000-1249


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The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra
Music for Dining

LPM1001 1954
The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra
Music for Relaxation

LPM1002 1954
The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra
Music for Reading

LPM1003 1954
The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra
A Melachrino Concert

LPM1004 1954
The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra
Music For Faith And Inner Calm

LPM1005 1954
The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra
Music for Confidence

LPM1006 1954
The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra
Music to Help You Sleep

LPM1007 1954
Al Goodman and His Orchestra
Music from Hollywood

LPM1008 1954
The Melachrino Orchestra
Plays Medley

LPM1009 1954
Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
The Sound of The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra

LPM1010 1954
Percy Faith and His Orchestra
Soft Lights and Sweet Music

LPM1011 1954
Andre Previn
Plays Gershwin





LPM1016 1954
René Touzet
Dinner in Havana

LPM1017 1954
Fafá Lemos And His Orchestra
Dinner In Rio

LPM1018 1954
Pablo Marin
Dinner in Mexico City

LPM1019 1954
Terig Tucci
Dinner in Buenos Aires

LPM1020 1954
Hugo Winterhalter
The Great Music Themes Of Television


Harry Belafonte
Mark Twain And Other Favorites

LPM1023 1954
Al Goodman And His Orchestra
Relax With Victor Herbert


LPM1025 1954
The Voices Of Walter Schumann
Exploring Tthe Unknown

LPM1026 1954
Paul Lavalle
Lavalle At Work

LPM1027 1954
The Melachrino Orchestra
Music For Two People Alone

LPM1028 1954
The Melachrino Orchestra
Music For Daydreaming

LPM1029 1954
The Melachrino Orchestra
Music To Work Or Study By

LPM1030 1954
Various Artists
The Bullfights


LPM1032 1954
Harry Geller and his Orchestra
New York, New York

LPM1033 1955
Henri René And His Orchestra
Passion In Paint




LPM1037 1954
Various Artists
To Wish You A Merry Christmas



LPM1040 1956
Bobby Dukoff
Sax In Silk

LPM1041 1955
The Three Suns With String Orchestra
Soft And Sweet

LPM1042 1955
Leo Diamond
The Harmonica Magic of Leo Diamond

LPM1043 1955
Prince Kawohi and the Luau Boys
At the Luau


LPM1045 Melachrino Strings
Christmas In High Fidelity

LPM1046 1956
Henri René And His Orchestra
Music for Bachelors


LPM1048 1955
Various Artists



LPM1051 1955
Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
Concert Jazz


LPM1053 1955
Melachrino Strings
Music For The Nostalgic Traveler

LPM1054 1955
Raphael Muñoz
Top Pops of Latin America

LPM1055 1955
Ernesto Lecuona
Lecuona plays Lecuona

LPM1056 1955
Chucho Zarzosa
In A Mexican Garden

LPM1057 1955
Agustín Lara
The Music Of Agustin Lara

LPM1058 1955
Ernesto Lecuona
Plays For Two

LPM1059 1955
Paul Mickelson
When They Ring the Golden Bells

LPM1060 1955
Poppa John Gordy
Poppa John Gordy's Ragtime Piano


LPM1062 1955
George Beverly Shea
Evening Vespers

LPM1063 1955
Perez Prado
Mambo For Cats

LPM1064 1955
Frankie Carle
Frankie Carle Plays Cole Porter

LPM1065 1953
Matt Dennis
She Dances Overhead

LPM1066 1955
Henri René
Perfect For Dancing: Waltzes

LPM1067 1955
Various Artists
Perfect For Dancing: Mambos

LPM1068 1955
Various Artists
Perfect For Dancing: Tangos

LPM1069 1955
Various Artists

LPM1070 1955
Various Artists
Perfect For Dancing: Fox Trots

LPM1071 1955
Various Artists
Jitterbug or Lindy Dancing

LPM1072 1955
Various Artists
Perfect For Dancing: All Tempos

LPM1073 1955
Various Artists
Perfect For Dancing: Sambas

LPM1074 1956
Katyna Ranieri
Girl On The Spanish Steps

LPM1075 1955
Pérez Prado
Mambo Mania


LPM1077 1955
Miguel Aceves Mejía
Mexican Folk Songs

LPM1078 1955
Various Artists
Polish Polka Festival


LPM1080 1955
Tito Rodríguez
Tito Rodriguez Y El Mambo

LPM1081 1955
Various Artists
Cha Cha Cha: The Exciting New Dance Rhythm From Cuba


LPM1083 1955
Diane Adrian
Caribbean Nights


LPM1085 1955
Perry Como
So Smooth


LPM1087 1955
Various Artists
Paris: Left Bank

LPM1088 María Grever
Songs of María Grever

LPM1089 Consuelo Velazquez
Piano Interpretations

LPM1090 1953
Chet Atkins

LPM1091 1955
Charlie Barnet
Redskin Romp

LPM1092 1955
Duke Ellington
The Duke and His Men


LPM1094 1955
Emery Deutsch
A Gypsy By Candlelight

LPM1095 1956
Los Chavales de España


LPM1097 1955
Eddie Fisher
I Love You

LPM1098 1955
Paul Mickelson
Open The Gates Of The Temple

LPM1099 1956
The Golden Age of Benny Goodman

LPM1100 1956
Django Reinhardt

LPM1101 Perez Prado and His Orchestra
Featuring Shorty Rogers
Voodoo Suite

LPM1102 1955
Various Artists
Fiesta Flamenca

LPM1103   1955
Miguel Fleta
Miguel Fleta Sings

LPM1104 1955
Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
The Sons of Sauter & Finegan

LPM1105 1955
Pete Jolly
Jolly Jumps In

LPM1106 1955
Hal Schaefer
Just Too Much

LPM1107 1955
Various Artists
Basses Loaded!


LPM1109 1955
Eartha Kitt
Down to Eartha

LPM1110 1956
Melachrino Strings
The Immortal Ladies

LPM1111 1955
Eddy Arnold
Wanderin' With Eddy Arnold

LPM1112 Count Basie

LPM1113 1955
Hank Snow
Just Keep A-Movin'

LPM1114 1955
Aldemaro Romero
Dinner in Caracas

LPM1115 1955
Paul Mickelson
Christmas Bells

LPM1116 1955
Al Cohn
The Natural Seven

LPM1117 1955
Wayne King
Melody of Love

LPM1118 1955
The Joe Newman Octet
All I Wanna Do Is Swing

LPM1119   1955
Joe Reisman
Songs For The Family

LPM1120 1955
June Valli
The Torch

LPM1121 1955
The Five
The Five

LPM1122 1955
Armando Trovajoli
Champagne For Dinner

LPM1123 1955
Milt Bernhart Brass Ensemble
Modern Brass

LPM1124 1955
Conrad Gozzo
Goz The Great!

LPM1125 1955
Pete Jolly
Duo, Trio, Quartet

LPM1126 1955
Jack Webb
Pete Kelly's Blues

LPM1127 1955
Alfredo Sadel
Mi Cancion

LPM1128 1955
The Johnson Family Singers
Old Time Religion

LPM1129 1955
Del Wood
Down Yonder

LPM1130 1955
Sons Of The Pioneers
Favorite Cowboy Songs

LPM1131   1955

LPM1132 1955
The Three Suns
The Sounds of Christmas

LPM1133 1955
Paul Lavalle
Great Band Music

LPM1134 1955
Matt Dennis
Dennis Anyone?

LPM1135 1955
Charlie Ventura
It's All Bop To Me

LPM1136 1955
Various Artists
Walter Schuman
The Night of the Hunter

LPM1137 1955
Barbara Carroll
Have You Met Miss Carroll?

LPM1138 1955
Paul Mickelson
Music Of Paul Mickelson

LPM1139   1955

LPM1140 1955
Various Artists
Paris You Have Never Changed

LPM1141 1955
The Voices of Walter Schumann
The Voices of Christmas

LPM1142 1955
The Ames Brothers
Exactly Like You

LPM1143 1955
Nilla Pizzi
Queen of Italian Song

LPM1144 1955
The Speer Family
The Speer Family Album

LPM1145 1955
Martha Carson
Journey to the Sky

LPM1146 1955
Various Artists
Lullaby of Birdland

LPM1147 1955
Teddi King
Bidin' My Time

LPM1148 1955
Lena Horne
It's Love

LPM1149 1955
Kay Starr
The One – The Only Kay Starr

LPM1150 1955
Harry Belafonte:

LPM1151 1955
Lurlean Hunter
Lonesome Gal

LPM1152 1955
Gwen Verdon
The Girl I Left Home For

LPM1153 1955
Frankie Carle
Frankie Carle's Finest

LPM1154 1955
Dinah Shore
Holding Hands at Midnight

LPM1155 1956
Jaye P. Morgan
with Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra

LPM1156 1955
Hank Snow
Old Doc Brown

LPM1157 1955
The Ames Brothers
Four Brothers

LPM1158 1956
Katyna Ranieri
Love in Three Languages


LPM1160 1955
Freddy Martin and his Orchestra
Shall We Dance?

LPM1161 1955
Al Cohn
The Jazz Workshop: Four Brass, One Tenor

LPM1162 1955
Al Cohn, Bill Perkins & Richie Kamuca
The Brothers!

LPM1163 1956
Noro Morales And His Orchestra
Merengue à La Noro

LPM1164 1955
Hal McKusick
In A Twenty Century Drawing Room

LPM1165 1956
Leo Diamond
Skin-Diver Suite

LPM1166 1956
Al Nevins
Escapade in Sound

LPM1167 1956
Bobby Dukoff
Sax in Satin

LPM1168 1956
Lee Sims
The Moods Of Love

LPM1169 1956
The Mighty Zebra With The La Motta Brothers
Calypso From The Virgin Islands

LPM1170 1954
Max Steiner
Great Love Themes from Motion Pictures

LPM1171 1956
The Three Suns
Twilight Time

LPM1172 1953
Perry Como
I Believe

LPM1173 1956
The Three Suns
My Reverie

LPM1174 1956
Paul Lavalle
Concert In The Park

LPM1175 Paul Lavalle
America's Favorite Marches

LPM1176 1956
Perry Como
Relaxing with Perry Como

LPM1177 1956
Perry Como
A Sentimental Date with Perry Como

LPM1178 1955
Various Artists
Holiday in Mexico

LPM1179 1955
Hugo Winterhalter and his Orchestra

LPM1180 1955
Eddie Fisher
I'm in the Mood for Love

LPM1181 1955
Eddie Fisher
May I Sing to You?

LPM1182 1956
Pedro Vargas
Pedro Vargas Sings

LPM1183 1956
Eartha Kitt
That Bad Eartha

Melachrino Strings

LPM1185 1955
Hugo Winterhalter
Music by Starlight

LPM1186 1956
Wayne King
Waltzes You Saved For Me

George Beverly Shea
Inspirational Songs

LPM1188 1956
Frankie Carle
Honky Tonk Piano

LPM1189 1956
Glenn Miller
The Sound of Glenn Miller

LPM1190 1952
Glenn Miller
This Is Glen Miller

LPM1191 1956
Perry Como
Sings Hits From Broadway Shows

LPM1192 1956
Glenn Miller
Glenn Miller's Original Recordings

LPM1193 1951
Glenn Miller
Glenn Miller Concert - Volume 1

LPM1194 1956Henri René
Serenade to Love

LPM1195 1956
Shorty Rogers
...and His Giants

LPM1196 1956
Perez Prado
Mambo By The King

LPM1197 1955
Chet Atkins
In Three Dimensions

LPM1198 1957
The Joe Newman Octet
I'm Still Swinging

LPM1199 1956
Hal Schaefer
The RCA Victor Jazz Workshop

LPM1200 1956
Stan Rubin
Dixieland Bash

LPM1201 1956
Artie Shaw
Both Feet in the Groove

LPM1202 1956
The Voices of Walter Schumann
Flirtation Walk

LPM1203 1956
Aldemaro Romero
Venezuelan Fiesta


LPM1205 1956
George Williams Orchestra
We Could Make Such Beautiful Music

LPM1206 1956
Tedd Smith
Prelude to Worship

LPM1207 1956
Al Cohn
That Old Feeling


LPM1209 1956
Aldemaro Romero and His Orchestra
Flight To Romance

LPM1210 1955
Freddie Green
Mr. Rhythm

LPM1211 1955
Manny Albam
Jazz Workshop

LPM1212 1956
Gus Hoo and His Dixie Stompers
New York Land Dixie

LPM1213 1956
The Wayfarers

LPM1214 1956
Dinah Shore
Bouquet Of Blues

LPM1215 1956
Luis Arcaraz
Sweet and Swing

LPM1216 1956
Wayne King and his Orchestra
Serenade To A Lady

LPM1217 1956
Artie Shaw
Back Bay Shuffle

LPM1218 1956
Tony Martin
The Night Was Made for Love

LPM1219 1956
The Three Suns

LPM1220 1956
The Three Suns

LPM1221 1956
Frankie Carle
Cocktail Time with Frankie Carle

LPM1222 1956
Frankie Carle
Frankie Carle's Sweethearts

LPM1223 1956
Eddy Arnold
All-Time Favorites

LPM1224 1956
Eddy Arnold

LPM1225 1956
Eddy Arnold
The Chapel on the Hill

LPM1226 1956
Benny Goodman

LPM1227 1953
Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
New Directions In Music

LPM1228 1956
The Ames Brothers
With Hugo Winterhalter

LPM1229 1956
Tommy Dorsey
Yes Indeed!

LPM1230 1956
Carlos Gardel
Habla y Canta En Sus Peliculas

LPM1231 1956
Various Artists
Favorite German Marches

LPM1232 1955
Jimmie Rodgers
Never No Mo' Blues: Memorial Album

LPM1233 1956
Hank Snow
Country Classics

LPM1234 1956
Tommy Dorsey
Hawaiian War Chant

LPM1235 1956
George Beverly Shea
Sacred Songs

LPM1236 1956
Chet Atkins
Stringin' Along

LPM1237 1956
Pee Wee King
Swing West

LPM1238 1956
Carson Robinson
Square Dances

LPM1239 1955
Benny Goodman
This Is Benny Goodman and his Orchestra

LPM1240 1956
Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
Adventure In Time

LPM1241 1956
Artie Shaw
Artie Shaw And His Gramercy Five


LPM1243 1956
Perry Como
Sings Merry Christmas Music

LPM1244 1956
Artie Shaw

LPM1245 1955
Henri René

LPM1246 1956
Fats Waller
Ain't Misbehavin'

LPM1247 1956
Various Artists
Music from "Moby Dick"

LPM1248 1956
Harry Belafonte:

LPM1249 1956
The Three Suns
High Fi and Wide