RCA reel to reel tapes

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CPS76 Eddie Heywood

CPS84 Millard Thomas Group

CPS124 George Melachrino

CPS169 The Belafonte Folk Singers

FTC2085 Boston Pops

FTC2132 Robert Shaw Chorale

FTO5028 Hello Dolly


FTO6000 Belafonte At Carnegie Hall

FTO6002 Belafonte returns to Carnegie Hall

FTO6003 Benny Goodman

FTO6004 Belafonte at the Greek Theatre

FTP1000 Perry Como

FTP1002 Chet Atkins

FTP1005   Show Stoppers

FTP1006 Henry Mancini

FTP1007 Marjorite Meinert

FTP1010   Ray McKinley

FTP1013 Arthur Murray

FTP1015 Henry Mancini

FTP1016 The Ames Brothers

FTP1017 Chet Atkins

FTP1018 The Three Suns

FTP1020   Melachrino Strings and Orchestra

FTP1022 Clooney & Prado

FTP1023 Harry Belafonte
My Lord What A Morning

FTP1024 Elvis Presley

FTP1025 Harry Belafonte
Swing Dat Hammer

FTP1027 The Ames Brothers

FTP1029   John Klein

FTP1030 Perry Como

FTP1031   George Beverly Shea

FTP1032   Melachrino Strings and Orchestra

FTP1034 Esquivel and his Orchestra

FTP1036 Chet Atkins

FTP1037 Henry Mancini

FTP1038 Perez Prado

FTP1039 John Klein

FTP1040 The Three Suns

FTP1043 Marty Gold

FTP1044 Carlos Montoya

FTP1045 Elvis Presley

FTP1046 Henry Mancini

FTP1049 Miriam Makeba

FTP1050   Hugo Winterhalter

FTP1052 Melachrino Strings and Orchestra

FTP1053 Melachrino Strings and Orchestra

FTP1057 Marty Gold

FTP1060   Esquivel and his Orchestra

FTP1063 Dick Schory

FTP1066 The Limeliters
Tonight In Person

FTP1067 The Three Suns

FTP1071 Perry Como

FTP1079   Henry Mancini

FTP1082 Al Hirt

FTP1084 Elvis Presley

FTP1086 Perez Prado

FTP1087 Dick Schory

FTP1089 Brother Dave Gardner

FTP1090   Perry Como

FTP1093 Harry Belafonte
Jump Up Calypso

FTP1096 The Limeliters
Slightly Faboulus

FTP1100 Chet Atkins

FTP1101 Melachrino Strings and Orchestra

FTP1105 Esquivel and his Orchestra

FTP1107 Chet Atkins

FTP1108 Harry Belafonte
Midnight Special

FTP1109 Al Hirt

FTP1110 The Limeliters

FTP1114 Peter Nero

FTP1115 Frankie Carle

FTP1119 Peter Nero

FTP1121 Honky Tonk Hits

FTP1123 Al Hirt

FTP1125 The New Glenn Miller Orchestra

FTP1127   The Limeliters
Through Childrens Eyes

FTP1128   Melachrino Strings and Orchestra

FTP1129   The New Glenn Miller Orchestra

FTP1130   The Three Suns

FTP1132 Elvis Presley

FTP1136 Norman Luboff
Choral Spectacular

FTP1137 Elvis Presley

FTP1138 Perez Prado

FTP1141 Peter Nero

FTP1143 The Limeliters
Folk Matinee

FTP1144 Chet Atkins

FTP1145 Henry Mancini

FTP1147   Melachrino Strings and Orchestra

FTP1148   Perry Como

FTP1150 Henry Mancini

FTP1151 Paul Desmond

FTP1154 Harry Belafonte
The Many Moods of Belafonte

FTP1155 Carlos Montoya

FTP1156   Al Hirt

FTP1159 30 hits of the Tuneful '20s

FTP1160 30 hits of the Thundering '30s

FTP1161   30 hits of of the Flaming '40s

FTP1164 Henry Mancini

FTP1165   The Limeliters
Our men in San Fransisco

FTP1166 Al Hirt

FTP1167 Sonny Rollins

FTP1168   Dick Schory

FTP1169 Chet Atkins

FTP1170 The Three Suns

FTP1171 Peter Nero

FTP1172 Paul Desmond/Gerry Mulligan

FTP1173 Elvis Presley

FTP1175   Peter Nero

FTP1177   Hugo Winterhalter

FTP1183   The Limeliters
Fourteen 14 k songs

FTP1185   Diamonds by the Dozen

FTP1186   Chet Atkins

FTP1188   US Army Band

FTP1189   US Air Force Band

FTP1190   US Marine Band

FTP1191   US Navy Band

FTP1192 Marty Gold and his Orchestra

FTP1193 Hugo & Luigi

FTP1194   Henry Mancini

FTP1195 Henry Mancini

FTP1196 Harry Belafonte
Streets I Have Walked

FTP1197 Norman Luboff

FTP1198 Carlos Montoya

FTP1199   Elvis Presley

FTP1200 Benny Goodman

FTP1203   Perry Como

FTP1204 Peter Nero

FTP1205   Sonny Rollins

FTP1207   Marty Gold and his Orchestra

FTP1208   Sid Ramin

FTP1209   Hugo & Luigi

FTP1213   3 great pianos

FTP1214   Perez Prado

FTP1218 The Three Suns

FTP1219   Al Hirt

FTP1221 Henry Mancini

FTP1224   Dick Schory

FTP1225   Melachrino Strings and Orchestra

FTP1226 Elvis Presley

FTP1227 Miriam Makeba
The World of Makeba

FTP1228 Elvis Presley

FTP1230 Chet Atkins

FTP1231   Marty Gold and his Orchestra

FTP1232   Hugo & Luigi

FTP1234   Odetta
It's A Mighty World

FTP1236 Henry Mancini

FTP1237 Duane Eddy

FTP1238 Floyd Cramer

FTP1240 Norman Luboff
On the Country Side

FTP1241   Dick Schory

FTP1244 Eddy Arnold

FTP1247   Melachrino Strings and Orchestra

FTP1248 Kate Smith

FTP1249   Peter Nero

FTP1250   New Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

FTP1251 The Limeliters
More of Everything

FTP1252 Miriam Makeba
The Voice of Africa

FTP1253   Carlos Montoya

FTP1256   Peter Nero

FTP1259 Hugo & Luigi

FTP1260 Melachrino Strings and Orchestra

FTP1264   30 hits of the Fantastic '50s

FTP1265   Marty Gold and his Orchestra

FTP1266 Floyd Cramer

FTP1268   The Limeliters
Best of

FTP1269 Elvis Presley

FTP1270 Norman Luboff Choir

FTP1271 Henry Mancini

FTP1272 The Three Suns

FTP1275   Chet Atkins

FTP1277   12 Double Barreled hits of '64

FTP1278 Al Hirt

FTP1279 Kate Smith

FTP1280   Peter Nero

FTP1286   John Gary

FTP1287   Eddy Arnold

FTP1288 Harry Belafonte
Ballads, Blues and Boasters

FTP1289 Al Hirt

FTP1290   Perry Como

FTP1291 Elvis Presley

FTP1292   Henry Mancini

FTP1293 Al Hirt

FTP1294   Sergio Franchi

FTP1295   Peter Nero

FTP1296   Al Hirt

FTP1297 Elvis Presley

FTP1298   Henry Mancini

FTP1299   Chet Atkins

FTP1301 John Gary

FTP1302 Gale Garnett

FTP1303 Perry Como

FTP1304   Sergio Franchi

FTP1305 Al Hirt

FTP1306   Thomas Bennie w. Peggy March

FTP1307   Los Indios Tabajaras

FTP1308 Harry Belafonte/Miriam Makeba

FTP1310 Henry Mancini

FTP1311   Floyd Cramer

FTP1312 Paul Desmond

FTP1313 Peter Nero

FTP1314   Johnny Hodges

FTP1315 Norman Luboff Choir

FTP1316 Claus Ogerman

FTP1319 Chet Atkins

FTP1320 Elvis Presley

FTP1321 Elvis Presley

FTP1322 Music from the film "The Man From UNCLE"

FTP1323 Al Hirt

FTP1325 Eddy Arnold

FTP1326 Elvis Presley

FTP1327 Floyd Cramer

TP3-5009 Jim Reeves