Live From Ledbetters

LP mono: Epic LN-24134
LP stereo: Epic BN-26134
Tape: Epic EN-630


A1 Walk the Road 3:00
A2 Out Behind The Barn 3:07
A3 Jack O'Diamonds 2:57  
A4 Crazy Words, Crazy Tunes 2:21  
A5 Every Night/Go Way 1:09  
A6 Hey Nelly Nelly 3:00
A7 Oedipus Rex 1:53  
A8 Where Will You Be? 2:33  
B1 Rollin' Ramblin'/Glory Glory 2:46  
B2 An Old Folk Song About an Old Folk Hero 0:56  
B4 Smash Flops 7:50  
B5 Second Hand Man 4:43  
B6 Faretheewell 2:45