This site is dedicated to my number One favorite Harry Belafonte
That's why the website address is You will also find
a lot of information about other artists that has performed with
Belafonte as well as discographies for some other artists that I like.

On March 1 Harry Belafonte turned 95
Happy Birthday Dear Harry

The creation of this site is my way of showing my gratitude for
all the things Harry Belafonte has done not only as a wonderful
artist but also for his engagement in many other areas.

This site is not affiliated with Harry Belafonte or any other artist mentioned here.
It is just a non-profit fan site with discographies.
I can not make copies or MP3-files of any musical material presented on this site.
No exceptions! Please do not ask!

November 16, 2017
As a tribute to Harry Belafonte I have added all cover versions I've found of Island In The Sun. You will find recordings not only in English but also in German, French, Dutch, Swedish and Serbocroatian (i think). There are a total of 105 versions of which 83 have 30 seconds sound samples. A lot of these have links to Youtube as well. I assume that this must be the Belafonte-song with most cover versions.

Updated: 08 sep 2022

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