Stereo8 cassette releases

Some recordings were also released as reel-to-reel tapes, Stereo8 or compact cassettes.
Below are listed the Stereo8 cassette versions of the original recordings that I have found.
Reel to reel tapes can be found separately

1955 Calypso BP-48

1959 Belafonte at Carnegie Hall O8S-5002

1959 Belafonte at Carnegie Hall OQ8-5002

1970 This Is Harry Belafonte P8S-5088

1971 Harry Belafonte P8S-11072

1974 Harry Belafonte A8S-8009

1975 Pure Gold ANS1-0979

1976 To Wish You A Merry Christmas KNS1-0166

1971 The Warm Touch P8S1679