Capt. Burl Ives' Ark

LP mono Decca DL8587

Released in 1958

A1 The Squirrel  
A2 Look At The Little Kitty Kat  
A3 Bongo And His Baboon Drum  
A4 Horace The Horse  
A5 The Bear On The Ball  
A6 The Whistling Rabbit  
A7 The Ducks  
A8 The Tenor Doodle-Doo  
B1 The Bestiary  
B2 The Monkey And The Elephant  
B3 Old Doctor Wango Tango  
B4 The Swap Song  
B5 Old Moby Dick  
B6 My Old Coon Doo  
B7 Missouri Mule  
B8 The Bird Courting Song  
B9 Ground Hog