The Limeliters: Our Men In San Francisco

(A compilation of LSP2609 and LSP2907)
Lou Gottlieb, Alex Hassilev and Glenn Yarbrough

A1 The Wabash Cannonball LSP2609 2:25  
A2 Max Gools LSP2609 3:42  
A3 I'm Goin' Back LSP2609 2:07  
A4 Corn Whiskey LSP2609 3:56  
A5 Civil War Medley LSP2609 6:20  
A6 By The Risin' Of The Moon LSP2609 3:31  
A7 Yerakina LSP2609 2:20  
A8 The Lute Player LSP2609 4:57  
A9 The Jam On Jerry's Rock LSP2609 3:10  
A10 Sleep Soft LSP2609 2:35  
A11 Medley: LSP2609 2:54  
B1 John Henry # LSP2907 1:52  
B2 Zhankoye LSP2907 3:17  
B3 The Wabash Cannonball LSP2907 2:25  
B4 When I First Came To This Land LSP2907 2:19  
B5 The Hammer Song (If I Had A Hammer) # LSP2907 2:16  
B6 The Far Side Of The Hill # LSP2907 3:28  
B7 Hard Ain't It Hard LSP2907 2:35  
B8 Lonesome Traveler # LSP2907 1:47  
B9 The Little Burro LSP2907 4:38  
B10 Hey Li Lee Li Lee LSP2907 6:23