I Don't Know Why

Words and Music by :
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by
Helmut Lotti 557118-2, 72435-94946-2, My_Favorite_Classics

Norman Luboff Choir CS8114, H30935, P2S5310


I really have to show you
I am so glad I know you
Now we are saying goodbye
Iīm not ashamed to cry
but God knows the reason why
you have to leave

I don't know why you must move on
I don't know why but although youīll be gone
youīll stay with me eternally
and wherever you are
even though weīre apart
you will be in my heart

I wish Iīd known you longer
I wish Iīd felt you stronger
you got so much out of life
Thatīs why you were able to give
Thatīs why you were able to live
a life with love

I donīt know why fateīs unfair
I donīt know why they need you up there
you have to leave and I will grieve
but I wish you my best
because thatīs what you gave
and thatīs what will last