Last Farewell

Words and Music by :
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by
New Christy Minstrels CS8855, COL5837, CS9080, CCM042-2,

Roger Whittaker    
Glenn Yarbrough FE1707CD,

I'm going away at eventide
Across the wild and the rolling sea
I bid you stay, stay here by my side
And share a last farewell with me

Through snow-clad mountains, proud and tall
Or a thousand miles 'cross the burning sand
Our last farewell, then will I recall
When I'm alone in a far-off land

A wandering song is all I know
Yet I love you more, more than words can tell
I hear the song and I'm bound to go
I leave you now, with a last farewell
I leave you now, with a last farewell