The Stars (Träumerei)

Words and Music by : R. Schumann
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by
Helmut Lotti 525805-2, 72435-94941-2


The stars are shining in the night
If only one of them would fall,
then I could make a wish
I`d wish that you were by my side
Then everything would be allright

The stars are shining in the night
O how I wish that I could see
them twinkle in your eyes
My tears are touched by the moon
They need your hands to wipe them soon

I long to taste your sweet lips
I long to feel the breath of love
when they are kissing me
I long to feel your fingertips
I long to feel them say
how much you`ve been missing me

The stars are shing in the night
If you are looking at them now,
just know I long for you
I`ll wait still you are by my side
but should you see a falling star
then I just hope you`ll wish for me too