A Prisoner For Life

Words and Music by: 
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by Norman Luboff Choir CS8278


Fare you well, green fields, 
Soft meadows, adieu! 
Rocks and mountains, 
I depart from you; 
Nevermore shall my eyes 
By your beauties be blest, 
Nevermore shall you soothe 
My sad bosom to rest. 

Farewell, little birdies 
That fly in the sky, 
You fly all day long 
And sing your troubles by; 
I am doomed to this cell, 
I heave a deep sigh; 
My heart sinks within me, 
In anguish I die. 

Fare you well, kind friends. 
I am willing to own, 
Such a wild outcast 
Never was known; 
I'm the downfall of my family, 
My children, my wife; 
God pity and pardon 
The poor prisoner for life