Aura Lee

Words and Music by :  George R. Poulton - W. W. Fosdick
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by
Burl Ives DL8886, DOVE1742,  
Norman Luboff Choir CL890
Robert DeCormier Singers Z6588


As the blackbird in the spring, 'neath the willow tree, 
Sat and piped, I heard him sing, sing of Aura Lee. 
Aura Lee, Aura Lee, maid with golden hair 
Sunshine came along with thee, and swallows in the air.

When the mistletoe was green, midst the winter's snows 
Sunshine in thy face was seen kissing lips of rose. 
Aura Lee, Aura Lee, take my golden ring. 
Love and light return with thee, and swallows with the spring