Calypso Carnival

Words and Music by :  Lord Burgess
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by Norman Luboff Choir CL1000, COL6061


It's Carnival
And big calypso season
You'll laugh and sing
Forget the rhyme or reason
Fall right in and join this big parade
Be sure you're wearin' paint for the masquerade

Then you just dance calypso
Dance calypso
Dance calypso so sway your gal
Dance calypso, dance calypso 
Dance calypso Carnival

Here they come
Now you see them comin' down de way
A line of drummers from Montego bay
Behind them come those pipers from the hills
With penny whistles playin' all de trills

Well next you hear de steel band in a line
With cans dey playin' melodies so fine
They're followed by de dancing girls from de town
They've been in all de places of renown