The Girls In Their Summer Dresses

Words and Music by :  Jim Friedman

Recorded by Harry Belafonte:
Recording date: 1966
Playing time: 3:45
LP : LSP3571
Tape: TP3-5002

Also recorded by:
Glenn Yarbrough LSP3983


I remember summer morning
Dawning light and bright and gay
And the girls in their summer dresses
Walking, Walking on their way

I remember distant laughter
Afternoons of past July’s
And the girls in their summer dresses
With their secret smiling eyes

Tender arms so smooth and slender
Downy and brown from sunlit days
Wrapped in evening silvery splendor
Resting on tables in dim café’s

I remember midsummer night times
Midsummer night dreams I recall
But the girls in their summer dresses
I remember most of all

I remember sad September
Dying summer’s brave display
And one sweet girl in her summer dress
Who softly swiftly slipped away