Like My Heart

Words and Music by :  William Attaway
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by:
Norman Luboff Choir - CL1000, COL-6061

The Millard Thomas Group - LSP1551



Come back today, donīt stay away
Come home safe to me
I send this word by the bell I heard
Ringing īcross the sea

Like my heart it brings for you
Darling canīt you tell
How my heart it rings for you
Like a silver bell

My love is true
I dream of you
Here beside the sea
My sleep is sound
Till the bee comes īround
To hum a melody

Like my heart it hums for you
I wished that you could see
How my heart it hums for you
Like the humble bee

I send you love
A present of the things so dear to me
Itīs the voice I heard
Of a mocking bird
Longing in a tree

Like my heart it longs for you
Love you must have heard
How my heart it longs for you
Like the mocking bird