Loch Lomond

Words and Music by :  
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by Norman Luboff Choir on::
313 777 RF, CS8157, HL7343  


By yon bonnie banks 
And by yon bonnie braes, 
Where the sun shines bright 
On Loch Lomond 
Where me and my true love 
Where ever want to gae 
On the bonnie, bonnie banks 
O' Loch Lomond. 

Oh ye'll tak' the high road 
and I'll tak' the low road, 
An' I'll be in Scotland before ye', 
But we and my true lovewill ever meet again 
On the Bonnie, bonnie banks 
O' Loch Lomond. 

The wee birdie sing 
An' the wild flowers spring; 
An' in sunshine the waters are sleepin' 
But the broken heart 
Kenīs nae second spring again 
And the world does na ken 
How we're greetin'