Meleana E

Words and Music by: Francis Samuel Ka`a`a
Arranged and adapted by:
Copyright 1963 Miller Music Corp.

Source: Jon Omi Keoni who acquired this information from Maryann's half sister, Francis Ka'a'a Na'ehu, an employee of the Federal Post Office in Honolulu. The song was written for the composer's daughter, Maryann Ka'a'a Dias, the mother of the former Farrington High School football coach Skippa Dias. Maryann, of Hawaiian-Scandinavian extraction, lived at the turn of the century and used to massage her father's shoulders when she was a young girl, growing up on O'ahu. Maryann would always cry when she heard the song performed at parties and on the radio. It reminded her of the great love she had for her father and for the song he wrote for her. Lomi lomi i'a means to massage the fish.

Recorded by Norman Luboff Choir LSP2602

Meleana e meleana hoi 
Meleana ka wahine lomilomi ia 

Meleana e meleana hoi 
O oe kai pono o ka ua 

Meleana e meleana hoi 
O ka ipu kukui malamalama 

Meleana e meleana hoi 
E ala mai oe moe loa nei 

Haina ia mai ana kapuana 
Meleana ka wahine lomilomi ia 
Heed me Maryann, Maryann come
Woman, come and massage me

Listen Maryann, Maryann come
You are so right for me

Pay attention Maryann, Maryann come
You are my light

Hey Maryann, Maryann come
Come and sleep here tonight

Tell the refrain
Maryann, the woman who massages