Sound The Fire Alarm

Words and Music by: William Attaway
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by Norman Luboff Choir CL1000COL6061


Fire, fire, put out the fire
Sound the fire alarm
Fire, fire, put out the fire
Fire doin' me harm
Fire , fire, put out the fire
They shout and jump around
Fire, fire, put out the fire
Me house burn down to the ground

Out in the country where I come from
Fire cause great confusion
Flames are jumping all about
You can hear the people shout

Me old donkey won't pull the cart
I ain't able to make him start
I set fire to the half of the tail
You can hear me donkey yell

A voodoo man became so bold
To walk bare foot on red hot coal
The coal was hotter than it seem
You can hear him yell and scream