Till Then

Words and Music by: Eddie Seiler, Sol Marcus, and Guy Wood
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by Norman Luboff Choir P6S5532, 11732


(doo-doo-doom) (doo-doo-doom) (doo-doo-doom)

Till then, my darling, please wait for me
Till then, no matter when it will be
One day I know I'll be back again
Please wait till then

Our dreams will live though we are apart
Our love I know will keep in our hearts
Till then, when of the world will be free
Please wait for me

Although there are oceans we must cross and mountains that we 
must climb
I know every gain must have a loss, so pray that our loss is 
nothing but time

Till then, letīs dream of what there will be
Till then, we'll call on each memory
Till then, when I will hold you again
Please wait till then