Traditional American Love Songs
Milt Okun - Ellen Stekert

Riverside RLP 12-634

A1 Must I Go Bound  
A2 She's Like The Swallow  
A3 Shule Aroo (Ellen Stekert)  
A4 The Cambric Shirt = Scarborough Fair  
A5 The Lass From The Low Country  
A6 Poor Lolette    
A7 Who Will Shoe?    
A8 The Lass Of Glenshee    
A9 He Took Me By The Hand    
B1 Paper Of Pins    
B2 Trouble    
B3 The Foggy Foggy Dew #    
B4 The Brazos River    
B5 Adios Mi Corazon # (Spanish Is The Loving Tongue)  
B6 Every Night When The Sun Goes Down (Suzanne) #  
B7 Red Rosey Bush  
B8 No, John, No