Milt Okun - Every Inch A Sailor

Stinson SLP65 (10"-record)

A1 Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor 1:42
A2 Fire Down Below 0:55
A3 Greenland Fisheries (Greenland Whalers) 2:18
A4 Round The Corner, Sally 1:01
A5 Mainsail Haul 2:22
A6 Gloucester Girls 1:02
A7 Bold McCarty 1:00
A8 Sailor's Grave 1:55
B1 The Mermaid 2:09
B2 Boney # 1:58
B3 Ship Rambolee 1:15
B4 Can't You Dance The Polka (Oh You New York Girls) 2:12
B5 Hanging Johnny # 1:16
B6 Jack Tar 1:20
B7 Tommy's Gone To Hilo 1:57