RCA Long Play albums 1250-1499

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LPM1250 1956
Ernestine Holmes
Through The Mist

LPM1251 1959
Tito Puente
Cuban Carnival

LPM1252 1955
Guy Lupar
The Esquire Album of Music for the Continental Host

LPM1253 1956
Stuart Hamblen
It Is No Secret

LPM1254 1956
Elvis Presley

LPM1255 1956
The Blackwood Brothers
Hymn Sing

LPM1256 1956
Jim Reeves
Singing Down the Lane

LPM1257 1956
Perez Prado
Havana 3 a.m.

LPM1258 1956
Hollywood Presbyterian Church Choir

LPM1259 1956
Ernestine Holmes
Invitation To Dream

LPM1260 1956
Jacques Ysaye
Follies De Paris

Melachrino Strings
Paris Sounds & Sights


LPM1263 1956
Tony Martin & Buddy Cole
Speak to Me of Love


LPM1265 1955
Eddie Fisher
Sings Academy Award Winning Songs

LPM1266 1956
The Voices of Walter Schumann
Though Not a Word Was Spoken

LPM1267 1956
Lou Levy
Solo Scene

LPM1268 1956
Tony Scott
Both Sides Of

LPM1269 1955
Billy Byers
Jazz Workshop

LPM1270 1956
George Beverly Shea
Christmas Hymns

LPM1271 1956
Mischa Michaeloff
Strictly From Hungary



LPM1274   1956
Ralph Flanagan
1001 Nighters

LPM1275 Frankie Carle And His Orchestra
Mediterranean Cruise

LPM1276   1956

LPM1277 1956
Sunny Gale
Sunny And Blue

LPM1278 1956
Armando Trovajoli
One Night In Venice

LPM1279 1956
Manny Albam & Ernie Wilkins and Their Orchestra
The Drum Suite:
A Musical Portrait of Eight Arms from Six Angles

LPM1280 1956
David Broekman
Wide Wide World

LPM1281 1956
Coleman Hawkins
The Hawk in Hi Fi

LPM1282 1956
Al Cohn & Zoot Sims
From A to Z

LPM1283 1956
Henry Levine
Hot Lips

LPM1284 1956
Phil Woods & Gene Quill
Phil and Quill

LPM1285 1956
Michael Antoine and His Orchestra
And So To Bed

LPM1286 1956
William Clauson
Folk Songs With John Gregory & His Group

LPM1287 1956
Various Artists
Music from "Gone With The Wind"

LPM1288 1956
Elton Britt
Yodel Songs



LPM1291 1956
Fontana and His Orchestra
Magic Violins Of Villa Fontana

LPM1292 1956
Mario Ruiz Armengol
A Night in Acapulco

LPM1293 1956
Eddy Arnold
A Dozen Hits

LPM1294 1956
Orquesta Aragón
That Cuban Cha Cha Cha

LPM1295 1956
Muggsy Spanier
The Great 16
Muggsy Spanier's Ragtime Band

LPM1296 1956
Barbara Carroll
We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye

LPM1297 1956
Chucho Zarzosa
Marimba Cascade

LPM1298 1956
Guylaine Guy
Darling of Paris

LPM1299 1956
Julius La Rosa with Joe Reisman and his Orchestra

LPM1300 1956
Eartha Kitt
Thursday's Child

LPM1301 1957
George Williams
Rhythm Was His Business

LPM1302 1956
Andy Kirk
A Mellow Bit Of Rhythm

LPM1303 1956
Renato Rossini
My Guitar

LPM1304 1956
Guy Lupar
One Night In Monte Carlo

LPM1305 1956
Claude Yvoire
Jewels From Cartier

LPM1306 1956
Ray Bohr
The Big Sound

LPM1307 1956
Melachrino Strings
On Broadway

LPM1308 1956
Tony Cabot and His Orchestra
Tony Cabot Swings Vol. 1:
On The Campus; The East (1956)

LPM1309 1956
Tony Cabot and His Orchestra
Tony Cabot Swings Vol. 2:
On The Campus: Midwest

LPM1310 1956
Tony Cabot and His Orchestra
Tony Cabot Swings Vol. 3:
On The Campus: South...And West


LPM1312 1956
Tito Puente
Puente Goes Jazz

LPM1313 1956
Teddi King
To You From Teddi King

LPM1314 1956
Aldemaro Romero
Dinner in Colombia

LPM1315 1956
Aldemaro Romero

LPM1316 1956
The Three Suns
Easy Listening

LPM1317 1956
The Four Lovers

LPM1318 1957
Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan

LPM1319 1957
Lou Levy Quartet
Jazz In Four Colors

LPM1320 1957
The Dave Pell Octet
Jazz Goes Dancing

LPM1321 1957
The Randy Van Horne Singers
Swingin' Singin'

LPM1322 1957
Matt Dennis
Play Melancholy Baby

LPM1323 1957
Tony Travis
I See Your Face Before Me

LPM1324 1957
Joe Newman
Salute to Satch

LPM1325 1957
Dave Garroway's Orchestra
Wide Wide World Of Jazz

LPM1326 1957
Shorty Rogers
Wherever the Five Winds Blow

LPM1327 1957
Various Artists
The Birdland Stars On Tour, Vol. 1

LPM1328 1957
Various Artists
The Birdland Stars On Tour, Vol. 2

LPM1329 Melachrino Strings
I'll Walk Beside You

LPM1330 Melachrino Strings
Those Beautiful Strings

LPM1331 1956
Katyna Ranieri
Rome After Midnight

LPM1332 1957
George Wein
The Magic Horn

LPM1333 1957
The Three Suns with Pipe Organ
Midnight for Two

LPM1334 1956
Shorty Rogers & Andre Previn

LPM1335 1961
Luis Arcaraz
Wonderful One


LPM1337 1958
Al Nevins
Bon Voyage

LPM1338 1957
Hugo Winterhalter
The Eyes of Love...

LPM1339 1957
Ray Bohr
The Big Sound on Broadway

LPM1340 1956
Eddie Cano
Cole Porter & Me

LPM1341 1957
Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
Under Analysis

LPM1342 1957
Larry Clinton
Larry Clinton in Hi Fi


LPM1344 1957
Bob Scobey
Beauty and the Beat

LPM1345 1957
To Love Again


LPM1347 1957
Rafael Muñoz
Honeymoon in Puerto Rico

LPM1348 1957
Pablo Beltran Ruiz
Dust on the Moon

LPM1349 1957
George Beverly Shea
An Evening Prayer:
Favorites Hymns For The Day's End

LPM1350 1956
Shorty Rogers
Shorty Rogers and His Giants:
The Big Shorty Rogers Express

LPM1351 1957
The Blackwood Brothers
Favorite Gospel Songs And Spirituals


LPM1353 1956
Tony Scott
The Touch of Tony Scott

LPM1354 1957
Tito Puente
Mambo On Broadway

LPM1355 1956
Friedrich Gulda
At Birdland

LPM1356 1957
André Previn
Three Little Words

LPM1357 1956
Tony Martin
A Night at the Copacabana

LPM1358 1956
Porter Wagoner
Satisfied Mind

LPM1359 1956
Hans Sommer
Dreamy Hans

LPM1360 1957
Freddy Martin
Midnight Music

LPM1361   1957
Paul Lavalle
A Sunday Band Concert

LPM1362 1957
Jim Backus
Mr. Magoo in Hi-Fi

LPM1363 1956
Jorge Negrete
Memories Of

LPM1364 1957
Duke Ellington
In a Mellotone

LPM1365 1956
Various Artists
Mellow Moods of Jazz

LPM1366 1957
Hal McKusick
The Jazz Workshop

LPM1367 1957
Pete Jolly
When Lights Are Low


LPM1369 1957
Osie Johnson
A Bit Of The Blues


LPM1371   John Carisi
The Jazz Workshop

LPM1372 1956
George Russell
Jazz Workshop

LPM1373 1957
Various Artists
A String of Swingin’ Pearls


LPM1375 1957
Lena Horne
Stormy Weather

LPM1376 1957
The Sabres
Riding High With The Sabres

LPM1377 1957
Eddy Arnold
A Little on the Lonely Side

LPM1378 1956
Nilla Pizzi
Love Me If You Want To

LPM1379 1957
Johnny Hamlin Quintet
Polka Dots and Moonbeams


LPM1381 1957
Mischa Michaeloff & Symphonic
Wandering Gypsies

LPM1382 1956
Elvis Presley

LPM1383 1956
Chet Atkins
Finger Style Guitar

LPM1384 1957
The Stars of Hawaii Orchestra
Hawaiian Guitar

LPM1385 1957
Luis Arcaraz

LPM1386 1957
Duke of Iron
Calypso Carnival


LPM1388 1957
Alfredo Sadel
Fiesta Latino Americana

LPM1389 1957
Tito Rodríguez
Three Loves Have I



LPM1392 1957
Tito Puente
Let's Cha-Cha With Puente

LPM1393 1957
Various Artists
Guide To jazz

LPM1394 1957
Dave Pell
Swingin' In The Old Corral

LPM1395 1956
Alex North
The Bad Seed

LPM1396 1956
Barbara Carroll
It's A Wonderful World



LPM1399 1956
Eddie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds
Bundle of Joy

LPM1400 1957
Hugo Winterhalter
Happy Hunting

LPM1401 1957
Skitch Henderson
Sketches By Skitch

LPM1402 1957
Harry Belafonte:
An Evening with Belafonte

LPM1403 1957
Julie Andrews
The Lass With the Delicate Air

LPM1404 1957
Billy Graham
Problems of the American Home

LPM1405 1957
Paul Mickelson
A Billy Graham Crusade
With Music Of Paul Mickelson

LPM1406 1957
George Beverly Shea
Billy Graham Crusade in Song


LPM1408 1956
Lee Wiley
West of the Moon

LPM1409 1957
Manny Lopez
Cha-Cha-Cha, If You Please

LPM1410 1956
Jim Reeves

LPM1411 1957
The Statesmen Quartet
With Hovie Lister

LPM1412 1957
Homer & Jethro
Barefoot Ballads

LPM1413 1957
Pete Kelly's Big 7
At Home

LPM1414 1957
Freddy Martin
At the Cocoanut Grove

LPM1416 1957
Guy Luypaerts
Music Of The Danube

LPM1417 1957
Guy Luypaerts
Music Of The Volga

LPM1418 1957
Six Fat Dutchmen
Merry Polkas

LPM1419 1957
Hank Snow
Country And Western Jamboree

LPM1420 1957
Red Norvo

LPM1421 1956
Phineas Newborn Jr.
Phineas' Rainbow

LPM1422 1957
Lionel Hampton
Jazz Flamenco

LPM1423 1956
Bud Powell
Strictly Powell

LPM1424 1957
Poppa John Gordy
A Night at Poppa John's

LPM1425 1957
Tommy Dorsey
Plays Cole Porter And Jerome Kern

LPM1426 1957
Connee Boswell
And the Original Memphis Five in Hi-Fi

LPM1427 1957
Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra
Night Train

LPM1428 1957
Shorty Rogers
Shorty Rogers Plays Richard Rodgers

LPM1429 1956
Hugo Winterhalter
Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue

LPM1430 1957
Katyna Ranieri
I'm in the Mood for Amore

LPM1431 1957
Sons Of The Pioneers
How Great Thou Art

LPM1432 1957
Tommy Dorsey
Tribute To Dorsey, Volume 1

LPM1433 1957
Tommy Dorsey
Tribute To Dorsey, Volume 2

LPM1434 Soundtrack
The Rainmaker

LPM1435 1957
Hank Snow
Country Guitar

LPM1436   1957
Stuart Hamblen
Grand Old Hymns

LPM1437 1957
Del Wood
Hot, Happy, And Honky

LPM1438 1957
The Browns
Jim Edward, Maxine and Bonnie Brown

LPM1439 1957
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
Sweet Hour of Prayer

LPM1440 1957
Gypsy Sandor...
and His Violin

LPM1441 1957
Billy Butterfield
They're Playing Our Song

LPM1442 1957
Leo Diamond
Snuggled On Your Shoulder

LPM1443 1957
Louis Armstrong
Town Hall Concert Plus

LPM1444 1957
Alfredo Mendez
Fiesta for Pipe Organ

Alex North
North of Hollywood

LPM1446 1957
Bobby Dukoff
Tender Sax

Tito Puente
Cha Cha With Tito Puente at Grossinger's

LPM1448 1957
Bob Scobey
Swingin' on the Golden Gate

LPM1449 1957
Dave Garroway's Orchestra
Some Of My Favorites

LPM1450 1957
Maria Teresa Carrillo
Look At Me, Love

LPM1451 1957
Jack Montrose & Red Norvo
Blues and Vanilla

LPM1452 1957
Tony Scott
The Complete Tony Scott

LPM1453 1957
Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band
Sour Kraut in Hi-Fi

LPM1454 1957
Teddi King
A Girl and Her Songs

Red Nichols
Parade of the Pennies

LPM1456   1957
Pedro Vargas
Viva Vargas

LPM1457 1957
Mario Ruiz Armengol
29 Strings and Then Some

LPM1458 1957
Ronald Binge
Girl of My Dreams

LPM1459 1957
Perez Prado and His Orchestra
Latin Satin

LPM1460 1957
Miguel Aceves Mejía
The Man From Mexico


LPM1462 1957
María Victoria
Mexican Sweetheart

LPM1463 1955
Perry Como
We Get Letters

LPM1464 1957
Helen Ward
With a Little Bit of Swing

LPM1465 1957
The Voices of Walter Schumann

LPM1466 1957
Eddie Heywood
The Touch Of Eddie Heywood

LPM1467 1957
Diahann Carroll
Sings Harold Arlen Songs

LPM1468 1957
Orquesta Aragón
The Heart Of Havana

LPM1469 1957
Johnny Conquet
Piano Merengue & Cha Cha Cha

LPM1470 1957
Andy Russell
The Magic Of Andy Russell

LPM1471 1957
Eddie Cano
Duke Ellington and Me

LPM1472 1957
Franz Waxman
The Spirit of St. Louis

LPM1473 1957
Bing Crosby
Bing With a Beat

LPM1474 1957
Phineas Newborn Jr.
While My Lady Sleeps

Al Nevins
Light And Shadows

LPM1476 1957
Joe Reisman
Party Night at Joe's

The Voices of Walter Schumann
When We Were Young

LPM1478 1957
Charlene Bartley
The Weekend of a Private Secretary

LPM1479 1957
Tito Puente
Mucho Puente

LPM1480 1957
The Band Of The Coldstream Guards



LPM1483 1957
Sons Of The Pioneers
One Man's Song

LPM1484 1957
Eddy Arnold



LPM1487 1957
The Ames Brothers
Sweet Seventeen

LPM1488 1957
The Blackwood Brothers
I'm Bound For That City


LPM1490 1957
Martha Carson
Rock-A My Soul

LPM1491 1956
Lou Levy
A Most Musical Fella


LPM1493 1957
Vaughn Monroe
And The Band Played On

LPM1494 1957
Glenn Miller
Marvelous Miller Moods

LPM1495 1957
Dennis Farnon
Caution! Men Swinging

LPM1496 1958
Larry Ferrari
Relax With Larry Ferrari

LPM1497 1957
Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
Straight Down the Middle

LPM1498 1957
The Magic Violins
A Night at the Villa Fontana

Frankie Carle
Around the World