RCA Long Play albums 3000-3249

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LPM3000   1952
Beatrice Kay with
Hugo Winterhalter and his Orchestra

LPM3001   1952
Phil Regan
The Wearin' of the Green

LPM3002 Andre Previn
Plays Harry Warren

LPM3003   1952
Emil Coleman and his Orchestra

LPM3004 1952
Emil Coleman and his Orchestra

LPM3005 1952
Luis Arcaraz
Sweet and Swing

LPM3006 1952
Dinah Shore, Robert Merrill, and Allan Young
Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick

LPM3007 1952
Various Artists
Theme Songs


LPM3009   1952
Emil Coleman and his Orchestra

LPM3010   1952
Wayne King and his Orchestra
Waltzes from the Hills


LPM3012 The Three Suns
Twilight Moods

LPM3013 1952
Perry Como
TV Favorites

LPM3014 1952
Cities Service Band of America
Sousa Marches



LPM3017   1952
Al Goodman and his Orchestra
Plays Dinner Music

LPM3018   1952
Paramount Band
The Greatest Show on Earth


LPM3020   1952
Cities Service Green and White Quartet
Just a Song at Twilight

LPM3021   1952
Freddy Martin and his Orchestra
Midnight Music

LPM3022   1952
The Cities Service Band Of America
America's Favorite Marches

LPM3023 1952
Perry Como
Sings Merry Christmas Music

LPM3024 1952
Frankie Carle
Top Pops

LPM3025 1952
Eddie Fisher

LPM3026 1952
Hank Snow
Country Classics

LPM3027   1952
Eddy Arnold

LPM3028 1952
Pee Wee King
Country Classics

LPM3029 Woodhull's Old Tyme Masters
Plays Square Dances

LPM3030   1952
Carson Robinson
Square Dances

LPM3031 1952
Eddy Arnold
All Time Hits From the Hills

LPM3032 1952
Sons Of The Pioneers
Cowboy Classics

LPM3033 1952
Vaughn Monroe
On the Moonbeam

LPM3034 1952
The Three Suns

LPM3035 1952
Perry Como
A Sentimental Date With Perry Como

LPM3036 1952
Dennis Day
My Wild Irish Rose

LPM3037   1953
Phil Harris
On The Record

LPM3038 1952
Tony Martin
You And The Night And The Music

LPM3039   1952
Spring Garden Band
Band Marches

LPM3040 1952
The Three Suns
Busy Fingers

LPM3041   1952
Roy Rogers
Souvenir Album

LPM3042 1952
Vaughn Monroe
Vaughn Monroe Sings

LPM3043 1950
Muggsy Spanier
Muggsy Spanier Favorites

LPM3044 Perry Como
Supper Club Favorites

LPM3045 1952
André Previn
The Story Of A Piano

LPM3046 1952
Freddy Martin
Piano Echoes

LPM3047   1952
Freddy Martin
Let's Dance Tonight

LPM3048 1952
Vaughn Monroe

LPM3049 Henri Rene and His Orchestra
Serenade to Love

LPM3050 Hugo Winterhalter

LPM3051 Hugo Winterhalter
Music by Starlight

LPM3052   Freddy Martin
Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite
Played In Dance Tempo

LPM3053 1952
George Beverly Shea
Sacred Songs

LPM3054 1952
Spike Jones
Bottom's Up

LPM3055 1952
Eddie Miller
Mister Piano Man

LPM3056 1952
The Three Suns
Christmas Party

LPM3057   Wayne King and His Orchestra
Irving Berlin Melodies

LPM3058 1955
Eddie Fisher
I'm in the Mood for Love

LPM3059 1952
Frankie Carle
Me and My Gal

LPM3060 Sam Makia
On the Beach at Waikiki

LPM3061   1952
Vaughn Monroe
Sings A Medley of College Songs

LPM3062 Eartha Kitt

LPM3063 1952
Wayne King
Serenade To A Lady

LPM3064   1952
Sammy Kaye
Year Round Favorites

LPM3065 1952
Eddie Fisher
Christmas With Eddie Fisher

LPM3066   1952
Vaughn Monroe's
Dreamland Special

LPM3067 1953
Duke Ellington
Plays the Blues



LPM3070 Hank Snow

LPM3071 Pee Wee King
Western Hits


LPM3073   Dick Leibert
In the Still of the Night


LPM3075   The Three Suns

LPM3076 Henri René
Listen to Henri René

LPM3077 The Melachrino Strings

LPM3078 1952
George Beverly Shea
Beautiful Garden Of Prayer

LPM3079 1952
Chet Atkins
Gallopin' Guitar

LPM3080 1952
Frankie Carle
Honky Tonk Piano, Vol. II

LPM3081 1952
The Jordanaires
Beautiful City

LPM3082 1952
The Blackwood Brothers
Favorite Gospel Songs And Spirituals

LPM3083   Frankie Carle
Song Hits From the Broadway Shows
 "Pal Joey" and "Of Thee I Sing"

LPM3084 1952
Ralph Flanagan and his Orchestra
Dance to the Top Pops

LPM3085 1952
The Delta Rhythm Boys
Dry Bones

LPM3086   1952
Dick Leibert
"Sing and Rejoice" Christmas Carols

LPM3087   1952
Marion Bell, Jimmy Caroll
and Charles Fredericks
Smash Hits From Broadway Shows

LPM3088   1952
Dick Leibert
Wedding Music

LPM3089 1952
Merv Griffin
Selections From "The Quiet Man"

LPM3090 1952
Tito Gobbi
Around The World In Music: Italy

LPM3091 1952
Los Tres Diamantes
Around The World In Music: Mexico

LPM3092 1952
Los Churumbeles De España
Around The World In Music: Spain

LPM3093 1952
Around the World In Music
Latin America, Vol. 1

LPM3094   1952
Harmoneers Quartet
The Church In The Wildwood
And Other Hymns Of The Heart

LPM3095 Sons Of The Pioneers
Cowboy Hymns And Spirituals

LPM3096 1954
Desi Arnaz

LPM3097   Betty Hutton
Somebody Loves Me

LPM3098 1952
Frankie Carle
Top Pops, Volume 2

LPM3099 1952
Ralph Flanagan
The Old Ox Road

LPM3100 Hugo Winterhalter
Winterhalter Magic

LPM3101 1952
Hugo Winterhalter
 Peter Pan: Hans Christian Andersen

LPM3102 1952
Les Thompson
 Gene Norman Presents JUST JAZZ

LPM3103 1953
Dinah Shore
Sings the Blues


LPM3105 1952
Kathryn Grayson and Tony Martin
The Desert Song


LPM3107 Luis Arcaraz
Dance with Luis Arcaraz

LPM3108 1953
Pérez Prado
Mambo By the King

LPM3109 1953
Pee Wee King
Country Classics 2: Waltzes


LPM3111   1953
Jimmy Carroll
Songs Of Hope

LPM3112 1953
Homer & Jethro
Fracture Frank Loesser

LPM3113   The Three Suns
Present Pop Concert Favorites

LPM3114   Frankie Carle
Frankie Carle's Sweethearts

LPM3115 The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
New Directions in Music

LPM3116 1952
Don Cornell

LPM3117 1953
Eddy Arnold
All-Time Favorites

LPM3118 1953
Danny Thomas with Frank DeVol's Orchestra
The Jazz Singer

LPM3119 1953
Los Chavales de España
Los Chaveles De Espana

LPM3120   1953
The Cities Service Band Of America
Sunday Band Concert


LPM3122 1954
Eddie Fisher
Irving Berlin Favorites


LPM3124 1953
Perry Como
Hits from Broadway Shows

LPM3125 Three Suns

LPM3126   1953
Tony Martin
Sings World Wide Favorites


LPM3128 1953
Spike Jones
Spike Jones Murders Carmen

LPM3129   1953

LPM3130   1953
The Three Suns
Top Pops, Volume 2

LPM3131 1953
Hank Snow
Salutes Jimmie Rodgers

LPM3132 1953
Hugo Winterhalter
Christmas Magic

LPM3133 1953
Perry Como
Around the Christmas Tree

LPM3134   1953
Suzy Delair And Nina Cara
Les Chanteuses De La Place Pigalle

LPM3135 1953
Buddy Morrow - The Big Beat

LPM3136   1953
Tony Martin
One For My Baby: Harold Arlen Songs

LPM3137 1953
Shorty Rogers
Shorty Rodgers & His Giants

LPM3138 1956
Shorty Rogers
Cool and Crazy





LPM3143 Ken Wilson and Bill Green
Sweet Music

LPM3144 1953
National Farm Quartet
Farm And Home Hour


LPM3146 1953
The Three Suns - Polka Time


LPM3148 1953
Gene Terry
Around The World In Music: Ireland

LPM3149 1953
George Beverly Shea
Christmas Hymns

LPM3150   Various Artists

LPM3151 1953
Various Artists
The Cat And The Fiddle

LPM3152 1953
Various Artists
Babes In Arms

LPM3153 1953
Various Artists
Naughty Marietta

LPM3154 1953
Various Artists
Shuffle Along

LPM3155 1953
Various Artists
The Band Wagon

LPM3156   1953
Various Artists
Girl Crazy

LPM3157 1953
Various Artists
Kiss Me Kate

LPM3158 1953
Luis Mariano
Le Chanteur De Mexico

LPM3159   1953
Luis Mariano
A Heart That Sings

LPM3160   1953

LPM3161   1953

LPM3162 1952
Sons Of The Pioneers
Western Classics

LPM3163 1953
Chet Atkins
Stringin' Along

LPM3164 1957
Tito Puente
Mambo On Broadway

LPM3165 1953
Tito Guízar

LPM3166   1953
Father H. Waraksa
Christmas In Poland

LPM3167 1953
The Country All-Stars
String Dustin'

LPM3168   1953
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
Hymns Of Faith

LPM3169   1953

LPM3170 1953
Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra
Dancetime With Cugat


LPM3217 1954
Slim Whitman
Sings and Yodels