Presenting The Belafonte Folk Singers

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LP mono  RCA LPM1760
LP stereo RCA LSP1760
LP: SL10671 (Australia)
Reel to reel: CPS-169 (only 6 tracks)

Not released on CD

Recorded on February 21 and 26 and on March 11 and 20, 1958.
Orchestra and Chorus directed by Bob Corman.

LP Tape   Time Sample
A1 1 The Ox Drivers # (solo: Ned Wright) 2:50
A2 2 Mule On The Mount(solo: Robert Henson) 3:28
A3 3 The Rooster And The Chickens # 1:43
A4 4 Red Rosey Bush #    (solo: Joe Crawford) 2:49
A5 - David's Lamentation # 2:03
A6 - Sergeant And Mrs. McGrath # 3:48
A7 - Who's Gonna Be Your Man # (solo: Milt Okun) 3:27
B1 5 Swing Dat Hammer # 5:50
B2 - Two In The Middle # 1:56
B3 - My Hat # 1:11
B4 - Balm In Gilead # 4:47
B5 6 The Whalers(solo: Sherman Sneed) 3:30
B6 - If You Ever See A Whale 1:32

Formed by Harry Belafonte in 1957, this vocal group consisting of twelve men accompanied Belafonte during his tours in the late '50s and early '60s. Led by Robert Corman, Belafonte's then composer and arranger, the group performed spirituals, folk songs, hymns, work songs, sea chanteys, and just about every other subgenre of American folk music (Belafonte himself was involved in name only). Their debut album was stunning -- a cornucopia of styles which paralleled that of their peripatetic mentor who gave them their name. Two of the songs, the chain gang song "Swing Dat Hammer" and the love song "Who's Gonna Be Your Man," were recorded by Belafonte as well. What is amazing about the album is the versatility needed to perform the stirring frontier work song "The Ox Drivers," the tender love song "The Red Rosey Bush," and the popular nonsensical children's song "My Hat" without seeming forced.
~ Cary Ginell, All Music Guide

7"/sec - 19 cm/s - two track stereo