Cheers - Drinking Songs Around The World

The Belafonte Folk Singers
LP mono: RCA LPM1992
LP stereo: RCA LSP1992
LP: Victor (Japan) SLS-5051
LP: RCA L10788 (Australia)

Not released on CD

Recorded in Webster Hall, NYC February 16, 18 and 19, 1959.
Arranged and conducted by Robert Corman.
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson.

Track Title Time Sample
A1 We'll Have Another Drink #  (English) solo: Charles Colman 3:04
A2 Whiskey You're Me Darlin' #  (Irish) solo: Earl Rogers and Charles Colman 2:43
A3 African Drinking Song (Sidinai Ye) solo: Ned Wright 3:09
A4 Malke #  (Jewish) solo: Joseph Crawford 2:37
A5 Heylan Går # (Swedish) 1:28
A6 Hunters Song # (English) 2:52
B1 Old King Cole #  (American) 3:24
B2 Umrem # (Czechoslovakian) 2:19
B3 Nancy Whiskey #  (Scottish) solo: Milt Okun 2:20
B4 One And Seven Pennies #  (German) solo: Andrew Frierson 2:03
B5 Canzone Del Vino (Italian) 2:32
B6 To The Year That's Away #  (Scottish) solo: Noah Hopkins 3:44

The subject of songs concerning the consumption of alcoholic beverages was considered an appropriate study for folklorists in 1959; as the liner notes state, "Alcohol has been accused of many things. For the record, it is hereby accused of being the happy inspiration for some of the grandest tunes of all times." Now called the Belafonte Folk Singers (the "folk" added since their first album in 1958), the choir is joined by future record producer Milt Okun, who sings the solo on the Scottish tune "Nancy Whiskey." Other songs come from (in the grand Belafonte tradition) a variety of world cultures including Czechoslovakia, Ireland, Sweden, Germay, Israel, and Italy, in addition to the American entry, "Old King Cole." The Folk Singers would accompany Belafonte in the singing of the this number on the successful Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall album in 1960.
~ Cary Ginell, All Music Guide