Through Children's Eyes

LP mono RCA LPM2512
LP stereo RCA LSP2512
Reel to reel tape RCA FTP1127
CD: BD2183CD
(the CD is marked BD2182CD !)
Lou Gottlieb, Alex Hassilev and Glenn Yarbrough

A1 This Train # 1:51  
A2 Marty 1:50  
A3 Hey Jimmy Joe John Jim Jack 2:54  
A4 The Whale (Whalers) # 2:21  
A5 Grace Darling 2:54  
A6 Morningtown Ride 2:45  
A7 Join Into The Game 3:11  
B1 I Had A Mule (Mule On The Mount #) 2:27  
B2 Lollipop Tree # 2:58  
B3 Run, Little Donkey 2:36  
B4 The Riddle Song 2:23  
B5 Stay On The Sunny Side 3:47  
B6 B-A Day 2:06  
B7 America The Beautiful 3:35  
B8 This Land Is Your Land #