I Wonder

Words and Music by :
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by
Helmut Lotti 09463-75494-2

Glenn Yarbrough LSP2905  


I wonder as I am walking down this street
Where, as young lovers, we would meet
On that little square
Where I first touched your hair
I wonder how long our future’s meant to be
This fairytale of you and me
This love and joy
That make me feel like a boy
That no one else can destroy
I wonder why those angels flew
To point their arrows at me and you
And I wonder if sometimes you wonder too
I wonder as the years are passing by
Will you still sigh that tender sigh
I love to hear
That says goodnight my dear
I wonder after our youth and dreams are gone
How many battles we’ll have won
And if you’ll be here by my side with me
Are you my destiny
I wonder if those angels knew
They wouldn’t have much work to do
‘cause I wonder if they knew
That you are an angel too