Words and Music by :
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by:
Chad Mitchell Trio
SR60891, CCM372-2

Milt Okun HL7307


Stewball was a good horse
He wore a high head
And the mane on his foretop
Was fine as silk thread

I rode him in England
I rode him in Spain
I never did lose, boys
I always did gain

So come all you gamblers
Wherever you are
And don't bet your money
On that little grey mare

Most likely she'll stumble
Most likely she'll fall
But you never will lose, boys
On my noble Stewball

As they were a-riding
'Bout halfway around
That grey mare she stumbled
And fell on the ground

And away out yonder
Ahead of them all
Came a prancin' and a dancin'
My noble Stewball