Thank You

Words and Music by:  Aaron Schroeder - Wally Gold
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by
Helmut Lotti 72435-40702-2
Elvis Presley      
Glenn Yarbrough LSP3860  


Thank you,
Thank you for showing how to love and live
Thank you
Thank you for teaching me how to take and give
All the kindness and all the love I feel
That I no longer need to hide cause you are real
I never want to lose you,
Youíve made my life complete
My heart will always choose you
Cause your love is oh so sweet

Thank you,
Thank you for making dreams come reality
Thank you,
Thank you for loving me eternally
Youíre in the shadow
While Iím standing in the light
Still it is you who always
Makes the darkness bright
Oh I get all the flowers
And I have all the fun
While you get lonely hours
Till you see the morning sun

So thank you,
Thank you for allowing e to love you all my life
Thank you, thank you,
Thank you for being my wife.