Words and Music by :  Lord Burgess
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by Norman Luboff Choir CL1000, CL1357, COL6061


Balance oh, balance oh
Balance oh rise up from dat bed
Balance oh basket on your head
Oh day done break oh
See her basket balancing
Oh day done break oh
Listen how she shout and sing
Balance oh balance oh

Early in the morning
Just before that heat of day
You see dem women somin' down 
To market hoe dey sway
Their baskets full of plum and plant and mango tangerine
Their faces shine as they join de line 
With their aprons bright and clean

When de people hear de shout
Dem basket women make
Dey pile into de market place
To buy and celebrate
Dey trade an ear for a peck of meal
You hear dem to and fro
There's something nice at a bargain price
And their tongues are on de go

Now it's early evenin'
And you see e sweepers come
Dey clear the street as de music sweet
Starts sounding on de drum
Den ev'ry body starts to sing
And moves themselves about
And all de night till morning light
Dem basket women shout