Words and Music by :  Walter Raim - Robert DeCormier
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by Harry Belafonte:
Recording date: March 23, 1962
Playing time: 3:26
45 : VLP-2449
LP : LSP2449, SP-33-19, 11-701,
Tape: FTP-1108
CD: CD29454, 07863-59771-2, B93001, BB61089, 07863-67403-2, RGMCD071

Also recorded by:
Belafonte Folk Singers LPM-2309, 3AE-3446,
The Brothers Four CS9013, 1130-10723-2,
Odetta TLP1010, TLP-1052  
The Streaplers  Columbia DS2236    


Good mornin’ Captain, Good mornin’ sun
Oh well it’s good mornin’ captain, Good mornin’ sun
Don’t you need another Mule skinner out on your new mule run
I like to work, I’m rollin’ all the time
Oh well now I like to work, rollin’ all the time
I can carve my initials on any old mule’s behind

Hey there little water boy
Bring your bucket ‘round
Oh well, It’s hey there little water boy
Bring your bucket ‘round
If you don’t like your job
Better lay that bucket down

Workin’ on the new road
Got a dollar and a dime a day
Oh well, I’m workin’ on the new road
Dollar and a dime a day
I got sixteen women
Waitin’ for to get my pay