Nancy Whiskey  (Nancy O)

Words and Music by :  

Recorded by:
The Belafonte Folk Singers - LSP1992

The Brothers Four - CS9105, CCM397,


Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey
Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy-o
Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey
Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy-o 

As I came into Glasgow City
Nancy Whiskey I chanced to smell
I went in, sat down beside her
Seven long years I served her well

The more I kissed her the more I loved her
The more I kissed her, the more she smiled
I forgot my mother's teachings
Nancy soon had me beguiled-o

I woke early in the morning
A mouth so dry I felt most dead
I tried to rise but I was not able
Nancy had me by the head

Then I rose and asked the lady
Tell me what there is to pay
Fifteen shillings is the reckoning
Pay me quickly and go away

Come all ye lads so brave and free
Come all ye lads where ever you be
Beware of Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey
She'd win you as she ruined me