Whoopie Ti Yi Yo

Words and Music by: 
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by
Norman Luboff Choir 313 781 RF, CL657CL1179
Limeliters LSP2671


Whoopee ti yi yo git along little dogies, git along

As I was a-walking one morning for pleasure, 
I spied a cow-puncher a- riding along; 
His hat was throwed back and his spurs was a-jingling, 
And as he approached he was a-singing' this song, 

Whoopee ti yi yo, git along, little doggies, 
It's your misfortune, and none of my own. 
Whoopee ti yi yo, git along, little dogies, 
For you know Wyoming will be your new home. 

A whooping' and yelling' and driven' the doggies; 
and wishing that they would keep moving along. 
If you think that riding this range is a pleasure 
Well that's where you got it most awfully wrong 

When night comes on we hold them on the bed-ground 
Than in the morning we're all on the go
We round up the herd and cut out the strays 
And roll those doggies that roll on so slow