RCA Long Play albums 4250-4499

Updated 18 sep 2016 18:59

LSP4250 1969
Paul Anka
Life Goes On

LSP4251 The Accents

LSP4252 Frank Yankovic
Polka Time

LSP4253 The Main Ingredient
L. T. D.

LSP4254 1969
Chet Atkins with Hank Snow
By Special Request

LSP4255 1970
Harry Belafonte:
Homeward Bound

LSP4256 This Is Roslyn Kind


LSP4258 Kate Smith
The Best Of ...


LSP4260 Waylon Jennings


LSP4262 Jim Ed Brown
Going Up The Country


LSP4264 The Stonemans
Dawn Of The Stoneman's Age

LSP4265 George Hamilton IV

LSP4266 The Guess Who
American Woman

LSP4267 Cat

LSP4268 Fred Willard

LSP4269 Percy Mayfield

LSP4270 Glass Prism
On Joy And Sorrow


LSP4272 Yours
Forever More

LSP4273 Hugo Montenegro
Colours Of Love

LSP4274 1970
Chet Atkins with
Nashville String Band

LSP4275 1970
Hugo Montenegro
Soundtrack from Viva Max!

LSP4276 1969
Dottie West
Makin' Memories

LSP4277 Bonnie Dobson
Good Morning Rain

LSP4278 1970
John Denver
Take Me To Tomorrow

LSP4279 Blackwood Brothers Quartet
Southern Gospel History

LSP4280 Archie Campbell
The Best Of

LSP4281 Don Gibson
The Best Of

LSP4282 Jon Lucien
I Am Now

LSP4283 Deirdre Wilson

LSP4284 Willie Nelson
Both Sides Now


LSP4286 1970
Porter Wagoner
You Gotta Have A License

LSP4287 Liverpool Scene

LSP4288 Dolly Parton
The Fairest Of Them All

LSP4289 Henry Mancini
Six Hours Past Sunset

LSP4290 Charley Pride
Just Plain Charley

LSP4291 Copperpenny

LSP4292 Kenny Price
The Heavy Weight

LSP4293 Jerry Reed

LSP4294 Wille Nelson
Both Sides Now

LSP4295 Don Bowman
Whispering Country

LSP4296 Willie Hutch
Season For Love


LSP4298 Leon Bibb
This Is ...

LSP4299 Linda & Bunny Boys
New Birth-Love Set

LSP4300 1970
Nat Stuckey
Sunday Morning

LSP4301 1970
Harry Belafonte:
By Request

LSP4302 Zager & Evans

LSP4303 Eydie Gorme
Tonight I'll Say A Prayer

LSP4304 1970
Eddy Arnold
Love And Guitars

LSP4305 1970
Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton
Porter Wayne And Dolly Rebecca

LSP4306 1970
Hank Snow
Sings In Memory Of Jimmy Rodgers

LSP4307 1970
Henry Mancini
Mancini Country


LSP4309 1970
Paul Anka
Paul Anka 70's

LSP4310 Skeeter Davis
A Place In The Country

LSP4311 How To Stop Smoking Without
Using Willpower

LSP4312 1970
Floyd Cramer
The Big Ones

LSP4313 Friends Of Distinction
Real friends

LSP4314 Jill William

LSP4315 The Hardy Boys

LSP4316 Paul Buskirk
Banjo But Beautiful

LSP4317 Carolyn Franklin
Chain Reaction

LSP4318 Hank Locklin
The Nashville Brass

LSP4319 Mind Garage

LSP4320 1970
Eddy Arnold
The Best Of Eddie Arnold Vol. 2

LSP4321 1970
Porter Wagoner
The Best

LSP4322 Jane Morgan
In Nashville

LSP4323 Jimmy Dean
The Dean Of Country Music

LSP4324 Connie Smith
The Best Of...

LSP4325 Lighthouse
Peacing It All Together


LSP4327 Green Lyte Sunday

LSP4328 Fresh
Out Of Borstal

LSP4329 Jake Hess
Ain't That Beautiful Singing

LSP4330 1970
Nat Stuckey
Old Man Willis

LSP4331 1970
Chet Atkins

LSP4332 1970
Dottie West
Country And West

LSP4333 Jessie Colter
A Country Star Is Born

LSP4334 Danny Davis
You Ain't Heard Nothin' Country

LSP4335 1970
Bobby Bare
Your Husband My Wife

LSP4336 Mac Wiseman
Sings Johnny Cash & Charles Pride

LSP4337 John Hartford
Iron Mountain Depot

LSP4338 1970
Dallas Frazier
Singing My Songs


LSP4340 Roger Whittaker
New World In The Morning


LSP4342 George Hamilton IV
Back Where It's At




LSP4346 1970
Liz Anderson
Husband Hunting

LSP4347 Steve Lawrence
On A Clear Day

LSP4348 Eddy Arnold
Love & Guitar

LSP4349 1970
Glenn Yarbrough
The Best Of

LSP4350 Henry Mancini
Theme From "Z"

LSP4351 Norma Jean
Loved Another Man




LSP4355 John Hurley
Sings About People

LSP4356 Browning Bryant
One Time In A Million


LSP4358 Sonny Til
Old Gold - New Gold

LSP4359 The Guess Who
Share The Land

LSP4360 Rouvoun

LSP4361 Hugo Montenegro
Best Of...

LSP4362 1970
Elvis Presley

LSP4363 1970
Chet Atkins
Down Home

LSP4364 Floyd Cramer
With Music City Pops

LSP4365 Los Indios Tabajaros
Dreams Of Love

LSP4366 Jim Ed Brown
Just For You

LSP4367 Charley Pride
10th Album

LSP4368 Fat S/T

LSP4369 Osmosis

LSP4370 1970
Jose Feliciano

LSP4371 Michael Nesmith
Magnetic South

LSP4372 Befour Brian Auger &
The Trinity

LSP4373 Kenny Price

LSP4374 Nina Simone
The Best Of

LSP4375 Clive Sarstedt

LSP4376 Luiz Bonfa

LSP4377 Christmas with Danny Davis and the
Nashville Brass

LSP4378 Don Gibson
Great Gibson

LSP4379 1970
Hank Snow
The Cure For The Blues

LSP4380 The Best of Country Instrumentals

LSP4381 Ed Ames
Sing Away The World

LSP4382 Skeeter Davis
It's Hard To Be A Woman

LSP4383   Peter Isaacson
Sings the Songs Of..

LSP4384 The Greenwood County Singers
Return To Greenwood County

LSP4385 Ed Ames
Christmas Is The Warmest Time Of Year

LSP4386 1970
Porter Wagoner
Skid Row Joe/Down In The Alley

LSP4387 Dolly Parton
A Real Live Dolly

LSP4388 1970
Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton
Once More

LSP4389 1970
Nat Stuckey
Country Fever

LSP4390 1970
Eddy Arnold
Standing Alone

LSP4391 Jerry Reed
Georgia Sunshine

LSP4392 Hank Locklin
Bless Her Heart I Love Her

LSP4393 Steve And Eydie
A Man And A Woman

LSP4394 Connie Smith
I Never Once STopped Loving You


LSP4396 1970
Chet Atkins with Jerry Reed
Me And Jerry

LSP4397   Great Gatsy Charity Ball

LSP4398 Dolly Parton
Golden Streets Of Glory

LSP4399 Youngbloods
The Best Of The...



LSP4402 George Beverly Shea
There's More To Life

LSP4403 The Blackwood Brothers Quartet
My God And I

LSP4404 Willie Nelson
Laying My Burdens Down


LSP4406 Charlie Pride
Christmas Album

LSP4407 Roger Whittaker
I Don't Believe In If Anymore

LSP4408 The Friends Of Distinction

LSP4409 Britsh Archive Series 1
Blues For Collectors

LSP4410 Simon Caine
Rock Archeologia

LSP4411 Carolyn Franklin
I'd RAther Be Lonely

LSP4412 The Main Ingredient
Tasteful Soul

LSP4413 Jack Jones
In person

LSP4414 John Denver
Whose Garden Was This

LSP4415 Michael Nesmith


LSP4417 Nilsson
The Point

LSP4418 Waylon Jennings
Singer Of Sad Songs

LSP4419 Kossi Gardner
Organ - Nashville Style

LSP4420 TV show

LSP4421 Josť Feliciano

LSP4422 1970
Bobby Bare
The Real Thing

LSP4423 Steve Davis

LSP4424 Danny Davis & Nashville Brass
Down Homers

LSP4425 Forever More
Words On Black Plastics

LSP4426 Buskers


LSP4428 1970
Elvis Presley

LSP4429 1970
Elvis Presley

LSP4430 The Nite-Liters

LSP4431 The Stonemans
California Blues

LSP4432 Noah

LSP4433 1970
Dottie West
Forever Yours

LSP4434 1970
Dottie West
Country Boy And Country Girl

LSP4435 George Hamilton IV
Down Home In The Country


LSP4437 Floyd Cramer
Class of '70

LSP4438 The Klowns

LSP4439 New Heavenly Blue

LSP4440 Tehachapi Sing Out


LSP4442 Ivar Avenue

LSP4443 Rick Ely

LSP4444 Percy Mayfield

LSP4445 1970
Elvis Presley

LSP4446 Elvis Presley Show

LSP4447 Jeremy Storch
From A Naked Window

LSP4448 Paul Kantner
Blows Against The Empire

LSP4449 Dolly Parton
Best Of

LSP4450 Hot Tuna

LSP4451 Sonny Til

LSP4452 Edwards Hand
Stranded USA

LSP4453 Ed Ames
Sings The Songs Of Bacharach And David

LSP4454 Rio Grande

LSP4455 History Of British Blues


LSP4457 Sky
Don't Hold Back



LSP4460 1971
Elvis Presley


LSP4462 Brian Auger
Oblivion Express


LSP4464 1971
Chet Atkins
For The Good Times

LSP4465 Youngbloods

LSP4466 Henry Mancini
Plays Love Story


LSP4468 Charley Pride
From Me To You

LSP4469 Kenny Price
A Red Foley Songbook


LSP4471 1971
Eddy Arnold
Portrait Of My Woman

LSP4472 1971
Chet Atkins w. Nashville String Band

LSP4473 1970
Perry Como
It's Impossible

LSP4474 Connie Smith
Where Is My Castle

LSP4475 Jim Reeves

LSP4476 Danny Davis and
The Nashville Brass
Somethin' Else

LSP4477 1971
Nat Stuckey
She Wakes Me With A Kiss Every Morning


LSP4479 The Guess Who

LSP4480 Le Grand Jones

LSP4481 1971
Harry Belafonte:
The Warm Touch

LSP4482 1971
Dottie West
Careless Hands

LSP4483 The Main Ingredient
Black Seeds

LSP4484 Blackwood Brothers
Southern Gospel History

LSP4485 Merryweather & Carey
Vacuum Cleaner


LSP4487 Waylon Jennings
The Taker/Tulsa

LSP4488 British Blues Collection

LSP4489 Willie Nelson
Wille Nelson And Family

LSP4490 1971
Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton
Two Of A Kind

LSP4491 Billy Edd Wheeler

LSP4492 The Friends Of Distinction
Friends & People

LSP4493 Noon & The Nite Liters


LSP4495 1971
Lester Flatt
Flatt On Victor

LSP4496 Los Indios Tabajaros
The Very Thought Of You

LSP4497 Michael Nesmith
Nevada Fighter

LSP4498 Rouvaun
A Song Of Joy

LSP4499 1971
John Denver
Poems, Prayers & Promises