At Our Best

LP stereo: Sunset SUS-5288

Track Title Orig record Time Sample
A1 Love Is Blue (LST7553) 2:30
A2 Windy (LST7535) 2:42
A3 Come Softly To Me (LST7535) 2:05
A4 Importance Of The Rose, The (LST7553) 2:37
A5 Born Free (LST7490) 2:10
B1 Never My Love (LST7535) 3:07
B2 A Man And A Woman (LST7490) 3:02
B3 This Is My Song (LST7523) 2:25
B4 So Rare (LST7490) 2:24
B5 Cherish (LST7490) 3:04