Greg & Junko MacDonald

Played at the opening act for Belafonte in Hawaii 1997. Another connection with Belafonte is that they have made some albums with instrumental versions (Steel Drum Music) of songs that are typical Belafonte songs like Day O, Island In The Sun, Jamaica Farewell and Matilda.

Contact Info:
Greg and Junko McDonald
PO Box 161083, Honolulu, HI 96816, USA

Updated : 24 mars 2023

1996 Pan 2 Paradise GMM1996

1998 Banana Boat Rider GMM1998

2000 Pan-A-Cabana GMM2000

2001 Sweet Dreaming GMM2001

2002 Merry Christmas GMM2003

2004 Timeless GMM2004

2005 Aloha from Hawaii GMM2005